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LRC-Lyricist - Create and edit lrc files for songs
Current version: 3.47, 2023/04/04
The idea for LRC-Lyricist was born, when I looked for lrc files in order to display song texts on my music server and almost could not find any. Creating such files manually is laborious. LRC-Lyricist can simplify the procedure substantially. There are webbrowser applications available, but I wanted to "control" the whole process on my own PC by myself.
LRC-Lyricist is a Windows application.
How LRC-Lyricist works
LRC-Lyricist contains a player for mp2, mp3, flac, ogg, wav, wma, aac/m4a (MP4/AAC) and m4a (ALAC) music files and an edit field for handling the texts. LRC-Lyricist can automatically search for lyrics on the web matching the song. The verses are added to the edit field by copy & paste (or drag & drop) . LRC-Lyricist creates an empty template for the lrc file.
[__:__.__] There's a good tradition of love and hate
[__:__.__] Staying by the fireside
Now you play back the song and press the Return/Enter key whenever a new line starts in the song. (More information see the chm help file in the download package on the Download page). Lyricist then adds the current timestamp from the music file.
[00:15.11]•There's a good tradition of love and hate
[__:__.__] Staying by the fireside
Afterwards you can readjust the timestamps for best match, save the lrc file and copy it into the directory of a playback software (e. g. on a music server) which can handle lrc files.
LRC-Lyricist screenshot
(The copyright for the cover art and the text shown here is with Mark Knopfler and Rondor Music (London) Ltd.)
Copyright hints on LRC-Lyricist
The copyright for lyrics is with the individual authors and their music publishers. Usually their are only intended for personal use.
LRC-Lyricist is freeware. LRC-Lyricist's music player uses libraries from the BASS project. They are license free only for personal use. As a result LRC-Lyricist as well may be used for personal purposes only. Any other usage beyond is not within my responsibility. Please respect the BASS licensing conditions.
Last updated: Tuesday, April 04, 2023
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