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Twente WebSDR
Twente style WebSDR with CSVUserlistBrowser
Every version of CSVUserlistBrowser can control a WebSDR in style of the famous WebSDR of Twente University in the Netherlands.
For this a browser emulation by Microsoft is used which is part of every Windows OS. Unfortunately there is a drawback: Microsoft does not allow HTML5 audio streaming in the browser emulation, not even in latest OS versions! This means that Java must be used for the web sound. As the Java applet of Twente University does not have a digital signature every WebSDR web site must be added to the securtity exception list in the Java system control panel. An explanation can be found here: WebSDR with Java
Only WebSDRs can be controlled which stick to the role model in Twente. WebSDRs with modified Java scripts and layouts do not work. But most of the WebSDR owners preserve the original.
A list of active WebSDRs in Twente style can be found on websdr.org. Unfortunately not all WebSDRs suitable for the BC listener are always online. Some of them are only experimental and disappear after a short time. Before entering their URLs into the CSVUB-WebSDR.list file of CSVUserlistBrowser and the Java exception list of the system permanently one should observe their reachability for a while.
Here CSVUserlistBrowser is tracking the original, the WebSDR in Twente:
WebSDR 1
Here the WebSDR in Farnham was tuned from the list in CSVUserlistBrowser to a MW station:
WebSDR 2
Last updated: Friday, March 08, 2019
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