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FMSCAN lists
How do I obtain userlists from fmscan.org?
Unfortunately the makers of fmscan.org have decided to deliver userllists only to registered users. This means that the lists can no longer be automatically retrieved by the Downloader!
Here is a How-To for receiving lists from FMSCAN:
  1. Register with www.fmlist.org in case you are not a member yet.
  2. Call the site fmscan.org and log in.
  3. Set your location if not yet done.
  4. Call "Tools (userlist etc.)", then "Userlist for Persus...".
  5. Now click the desired list, LW/MW/SW (0-30 MHz), FM+ (Tropo), FM+ (Meteor Scatter) or Sporadic E.
  6. Chose the CSV format and as a separator Tab.
  7. Click "DOWNLOAD userlist1.csv".
  8. Rename the file meaningfully before saving, e. g. "userlist-AM.txt" or "userlist-FMtropo.txt". The file extension txt is important.
  9. The saved file can now be loaded into CSVUB with "Open CSV userlist (1...30)".
  10. You should remove the ASD hook next to "Download FMLIST" and "Download AMLIST" in the Downloader. An automatic download is no longer possible.
Unfortunately the whole procedure must be done manually whenever a new list appears. The makers of fmscan.org claim that they must protect their data from being stolen by unauthorized people.
Last updated: Tuesday, March 26, 2024
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