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2024/01/26: Automated download from FMSCAN no longer possible
Due to extensive countermeasures from fmscan.org against data theft by bots the lists can no longer be automatically retrieved by the Downloader. I recommend to untick the ASD checkboxes for FMLIST and AMLIST and to download the files manually from the fmscan.org website. Please note that the import into CSVUB only works when Tab is chosen as a separator and the file extension is renamed to txt. I deeply regret these circumstances, but it is not in my power to do anything against it.
2023/02/13: Updated SDRSharpDatabridge
I have adapted the SDRSharp.DF8RYDatabridge.dll for the new colour schemes in SDR# 1909. Also a bug was corrected which made it impossible to enter numbers in the SDR# fields for Bandwidth and AGC Decay with the keyboard.
The databridge is located in the folder Plugins/New SDR# 32bit in the zip download.
Please note that colour schemes in older versions of SDR# may not be fully supported.
2022/11/01: Possible valid link to AOKI B22 zip file
A friend told me that he "guessed" the URL to the AOKI B22 zip file:
The import into CSVUB seems to work. If the Downloader should report "File is up to date" at the first download, hold down the Shift key and click "Download AOKI" once more to override the filedate check.
PS 11:00 UTC: The link now also has been updated on the Bi Newsletter webpage.
2022/11/01: AOKI userlist link now valid
The link to the AOKI userlist in Perseus style is now valid:
The Link to the AOKI zip file for B22 is still dead.
2022/10/30: EIBI B22 ready, AOKI still unresolved
EIBI has released the B22 schedules. The URLs on the Bi Newsletter webpage for the AOKI B22 lists are still dead. The fate of the AOKI schedules remains unclear.
2022/10/17: URL for HFCC B22
The URL for the HFCC B22 schedules is as follows:
Open the Downloader with Strg Alt D, change the HFCC URL and click Save details.
The season changes on Oct 30th.
A remark on the AOKI files:
As I heard from an Asian friend, Mr. Shigenori Aoki is in the 80s in the meantime, and it is not sure if he can provide the lists at the same extent as he did over the last years. In this place I would like to thank Mr. Shigenori Aoki on behalf all shortwave listeners worldwide for the diligent and unselfish work he has done all over the years, and I wish him good health and all the best for the future.
2022/10/03: Solution for SWBC (SWSKEDS) csv problem from 10/03
The latest A22-221003-1100G-CSV.csv of Dan Ferguson does not have a header (probably by mistake). CSVUB refuses to import the file.
• Unzip A22-221003-1100G-CSV.csv from the zip container and save the file to the filesSWBC folder.
• Open the file with a text editor (Wordpad or such) and insert the following line before the first one:
• Save the file and do the import in CSVUB.
2022/08/15: Slight adjustments for ILG import
I have uploaded a version of CSVUB (without an new version number) which skips some evaluations of obsolete field contents no longer contained in ILGADATA.DBF for some time already. Additionally there was a problem that some of the last lines in the database were not loaden.
2022/09/14: Current status of the ILG issue
It seems that the ILG files do not have a stable reliable format currently. There are constant inconsistencies. So I have to ask you for further patience.
Latest news from around 7:00 UTC today: The ILG file has the old structure again, and there is no requirement to change anything in CSVUB!
2022/09/13: New ILG data structure
Dear Users of ILGADATA.DBF: I am aware that the ILG data structure has changed yesterday! For the adaptation of my code in CSVUB I need some time to analyze and reproduce the changes. So please be patient!
2022/04/13: AOKI A22 unfortunately delayed
The release of the AOKI A22 schedules unfortunately is uncommonly delayed. As an interim solution you can import the csv file of the Nagoya DXer-Club in CSVUB 4.23. For this purpose paste the URL
into the AOKI URL field of the Downloader and trigger the download. If you want to keep this URL for some time, click "Save details".
Please note that the Nagoya csv file unfortunately does not contain any transmitter locations. CSVUB will display "Unknown/Various" in the Transmitter column.
2022/01/07: Numbers/Oddities download crash fixed
The crash when downloadong Numbers/Oddities csv is fixed in CSVUB version 4.22
2022/01/07: Currently crash with Numbers/Oddities download
Unfortunately CSVUB currently crashes when downloading Numbers/Oddities csv. Im am about tracking the bug.
2021/11/14: EIBI B21 is now online
The EIBI schedules for B21 are now online.
The URL for the EIBI CSV database (containing all broadcasts of the season, even if they are no longer valid) is:
2021/11/02: AOKI B21 txt is back to the usual format
As I expected, AOKI has withdrawn his new column layout in the txt file. Nevertheless I distribute a new version 4.21 of CSVUB which also addresses some AOKI column shifting issues due to incomplete transformation of special characters, as seen in the record 909 kHz, Radio Romania Actualitati/Cluj, Timi?oara/S?c?laz.
2021/11/01: Please be patient with the AOKI B21 issue
I am not yet quite conviced that it really was AOKI's intention to omit the space between frequency and station in his new B21 txt files. Earlier this place was used for additional explanations like "s", "*" or "x" (what should mean "AM Stereo", "jammed" or "off the air"). The last lines of AOKI txt still hold these explanations, but now also truncated by one character. I think it is necessary to observe the AOKI txt file for some time to see if the new format persists.
2021/10/31: Issue with AOKI B21 txt file
AOKI has changed the column widths slightly in the B21 txt list. As a consequence CSVUB currently cannot read the frequencies properly. The xls import is not afected. A solution is on the way. Please do not send in further bug reports on this subject. I will inform you here as soon as an updated version of CSVUB is available.
2021/10/31: URL for AOKI B21
The URL for the AOKI B21 schedules is as follows:
Open the Downloader with Strg Alt D, change the AOKI URL and click Save details.
2021/10/17: HFCC schedules for B21 available
The HFCC schedules for season B21 are available. Call the Downloader with Ctrl Alt D and replace the HFCC URL by:
Don't forget to click Save details. Please note that the official season start is on October 31st.
2021/08/04: SDR# plugin for new Telerik themes
I have added support for the new themes Office 2019 Gray and Office 2019 Dark to the SDR# plugin. You can find the plugin in the usual download in the subfolder Plugins/New SDR# (Studio) 1800+.
2021/07/22: Classaxe SSL issue solved
The Classaxe SSL issue was solved. The certificate is valid again. Now both https:// and http:// should work again.
2021/07/20: SSL issue with Classaxe
Since this day the Downloader fails establishing a secure https:// connection to the Classaxe server. Unfortunately I could not find the reason for the failure so far. I can only recommend at this time to try the download without https://. Enter the URLs with http:// instead of https://
I hope I can find a solution for the issue.
PS: In the meantime I found the reason for the issue. The SSL certificate for https://rxx.classaxe.com has expired. For the time beeing the only way to download the files is using the base URL http://rxx.classaxe.com/en/... without SSL encryption as described above.
2021/03/28: URL for AOKI A21
The URL for the AOKI A21 schedules is as follows:
Open the Downloader with Strg Alt D, change the AOKI URL and click Save details.
2021/03/15: HFCC schedules for A21 available
The HFCC schedules for season A21 are available. Call the Downloader with Ctrl Alt D and replace the HFCC URL by:
Don't forget to click Save details. Please note that the official season start is on March 28th.
2021/02/01: Problem with FMSCAN downloads
I have uploaded a version 4.20 of CSVUserlistBrowser. It should handle the problem that the Downloader stuck when FMSCAN reported a HTTP 503 error (Service temporarily not available).
2020/10/25: AOKI schedules for B20 available
The AOKI schedules for season B20 are available. Call the Downloader with Ctrl Alt D and replace the AOKI URL by:
Don't forget to click Save details.
2020/10/11: HFCC schedules for B20 available
The HFCC schedules for season B20 are available. Call the Downloader with Ctrl Alt D and replace the HFCC URL by:
Don't forget to click Save details. Please note that the official season start is on Oct. 25th.
2020/09/24: Problem after Windows Update
In the last days I received four messages that CSVUserlistBrowser does not start anymore (obviously after some Windows update). A message is shown: "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application". With the help of some affected users it turned out that Microsoft had replaced the ODBC driver without warning especially when an MS Office 64bit or a component of it were installed.
In three cases CSVUserlistBrowser could be started again by re-installing the ODBC driver. See:
Unfortunately in one case this procedure was not successful for a reason still unknown.
2020/09/20: Problem after Windows Update
Yesterday I suddenly received three messages that CSVUserlistBrowser does not start anymore (obviously after some Windows update). "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application" I was shocked about these reports as on my PC(Windows 10-64, 2004 with all updates) everything still works. I really have no idea what causes such a message. I suspected the ODBC driver beeing replaced by another version after a Microsoft Office update, but I I could not verify this.
I would be grateful if some Windows insider could find a solution. I only can assure you one thing: CSVUserlistBrowser does not contain trojans or backdoors which all of a sudden deactivate the application or "re-configure" something in the system.
32020/08/31: YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download 2.0 now with coast stations
YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download 2.0 now includes the automatic download of the database YADD_MMSI_COAST.TXT. GM4SLV currently provides this database on a test basis. It is possible that the URLS will change some time in the future. Then I will update YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download as soon as possible.
2020/07/26: Important note for Hamlib users
The latest Hamlib 4 versions dowloadable at Hamlib Git daily snapshots seem to have bugs. Calling Hamlib setup (resp. Settings) in CSVUserlistBrowser repeatedly makes the application crash. I recommend to use the latest stable version of Hamlib 3.3 or always to keep a copy of the last working version of Hamlib 4.
2020/07/26: Plans to remove SDRConsole 2 support
I am planning to remove the support for SDRConsole 2 from CSVUserlistBrowser. SDRConsole 2 has been superseded by SDRConsole 3 and is no longer developed. Please send me an email if you should absolutely need support for SDRConsole 2 in CSVUserlistBrowser.
2020/07/12: R2T2-GUI version removed
Now I have removed the code for R2T2-GUI support in the latest 4.19 Beta 15. There are only two remaining servers from the DARC R2T2 project (more or less) online where none of them seems to have an antenna connected. I keep the support for QtRadio as QtRadio could eventually be used independently from the R2T2 project.
2020/07/09: Plans to remove QtRadio and R2T2-GUI support
I am planning to remove support for QtRadio and the R2T2 GUI from the DARC R2T2 project from CSVUserlistBrowser. The DARC R2T2 project seems pretty dead. In a test a short time ago I could not connect to a single server any more. The support only eats code in CSVUserlistBrowser and is practically useless.
Send me an email if you absolutely need QtRadio and R2T2 GUI support.
2020/06/24: Classaxe issue solved so far
The database date of Classaxe is back from the trip with the time machine. A visitor from outer space had made a log entry from the future ;-).
2020/06/23: Problems with Classaxe (oh, not again!)
Now the Classaxe server sends the database date into the future (year 2202). This is an invalid date, and the timecheck fails. The download unexpectedly stops after the date check. I am sorry that there are issues again. Should the problems persist, I am forced to remove the Classaxe lists completely from CSVUserlistBrowser.
For the time being I have added a workaround to 4.19 beta 10.
2020/06/18: Problems with Classaxe currently fixed
This morning the Classaxe server seems to be back at normal operation.
2020/06/17: Again problems with Classaxe download
The scripts which inform CSVUserlistBrowser about the date of the databases are no longer available. I have asked Martin Francis to check the problem. It is not a bug in CSVUserlistBrowser.
Addendum: The whole address https://rxx.classaxe.com/ is not available any more. Unfortunately I have no information about the reasons.
2020/06/06: CSVUB 4.19 beta 6 now with new Classaxe download
The Downloader, import and conversion routines have been adapted to the new Classaxe format.
Please note that the new Classaxe server (unfortunately) needs much more time to deliver a file now. You will see a "Waiting for data. Can take some seconds ..." message now similar to FMSCAN/AMSCAN.
2020/06/02: Important note on Classaxe downloads
The Classaxe server currently is subject to a number of changes. It may be that the download of the old Excel format (which in fact was an HTML table) will no longer work in the future. I have to completely re-code download and conversion routines to make them compatible with the new format. This will take some time. I ask for your understanding.
2020/05/30: Still network timeouts with Classaxe
When downloading Classaxe logs, the network timeouts unfortunately occur frequently again. I cannot do anything against it on my side.
2020/05/28: Delays with Classaxe server
Due to a server swap the files from Classaxe are now deliverd a bit slower than before. So again my hint: If you should see timeout problems with Classaxe downloads, increase the network timeout in the Downloader by 1 or 2 seconds.
PS 1630 UTC: After observing the Classaxe downloads over the day, I can say that no substantial delays were noticeable any more. The server largely seems to be back in normal state.
2020/05/27: Classaxe server responds with MySQL error
When trying to get the database date, the Classaxe server currently sends a MySQL error. It is not possible to retrieve the date, and the Downloader cannot start a download. It is not a bug in CSVUserlistBrowser! I have contacted Martin Francis for clarification.
PS 1700 UTC: The Classaxe server seems to be back in normal operation, although the script takes more time to respond now. If there should be issues, it may help to increase the network timeout in the Downloader a bit.
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