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2024/05/01: SDR# Studio 1920
For new SDR# Studio from version 1920 up (without Telerik) please use the plugin SDR# Studio 1920+ in the Plugins folder.
2024/04/23: HFCC change download URL
HFCC has switched from http:// to https://, which means that the download URL has changed.
Instead of
now please enter
in the Downloader. Please notice that the URL might change again in the future.
2024/01/26: Automated download from FMSCAN no longer possible
Due to extensive countermeasures from fmscan.org against data theft by bots the lists can no longer be automatically retrieved by the Downloader. I recommend to untick the ASD checkboxes for FMLIST and AMLIST and to download the files manually from the fmscan.org website. Please note that the import into CSVUB only works when Tab is chosen as a separator and the file extension is renamed to txt. I deeply regret these circumstances, but it is not in my power to do anything against it.
Last updated: Friday, May 03, 2024
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