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2019/05/17: Pending server swap for df8ry.de
My webspace provider has announced that due to a company re-organisation df8ry.de must be transferred to another server on May 20th (including a new pricing model). He promised full compatibility with the old server, but we will have to wait if he can make his promises true. There is a chance that df8ry.de might no work properly the days after the next weekend (including my email account). I hope that only minor changes will be necessary to bring the webspace back when this should happen.
2019/04/14: FMSCAN download working again
Since 1220 UTC the download of FMSCAN lists should work again. Due to a change on the server the compilation of a userlist will now take a little longer than before.
2019/04/14: FMSCAN download currently impossible
Since this morning (European time) the server at www.fmscan.org no longer is responding when data are requested. After all informations have been handed over successfully, no answer is returned ("Waiting for data..."). When trying to download a userlist manually from the website it takes several minutes to get a reply, but the list received contains garbage and is unusable. There is obviously a problem with the server or the database there. I cannot say, if, when and how the problem will be solved.
Postscript 1145 UTC: The problem is known at www.fmscan.org. A solution is currently being worked out. Additionally there will be a change in the representation of non-ANSI special characters. At this time I cannot say in which way this will have an affect on CSVUserlistBrowser.
2019/03/31: CSVUserlistBrowser 4.17 final
The beta stage of version 4.17 has ended. Today I release CSVUserlistBrowser as the final 4.17 version.
2019/03/31: URL to AOKI A19 files is now valid
The URL to the AOKI A19 files is now valid:
The link to EIBI's schedule is not yet valid, but it certainly will be put online soon:
Generally you have to take into account that the lists are not yet fully up to date in the period of transition. This will take some time.
2019/03/18: HFCC schedule for A19 available
The HFCC has published the schedule for season A19. Call the Downloader with Ctrl Alt D and replace the HFCC URL by:
Don't forget to click Save details. The official season start is on March 31st.
2019/02/26: CSVUserlistBrowser now again can import DRMschedule.ini
Starting with version 4.17 beta 20 CSVUserlistBrowser again can import DRMschedule.ini files (Menu "File"). This file format originally targetted for software Dream.exe is no longer updated by its creators. But now members of the DRM software forum have decided to compile and maintain their own DRMschedule.ini files. You can find the latest files for download typing "DRMschedule.ini" in the forum search. One version e. g. can always be found under drmschedules.php (replace php by ini or txt when saving to the filesVARIOUS folder of CSVUserlistBrowser!). But please note that the creators of the files use their own personal spelling an naming of languages, countries and targets which is not always compatible with ISO and ITU standards.
2019/01/16: CSVUserlistBrowser controls CATSync
Starting with version 4.17 beta 7 any version of CSVUserlistBrowser can control the WebSDR browser CATSync by OM Oscar, DJØMY, as an external rig via Omnirig. Omnirig and a virtual COM port pair are required. See the instructions on the CATSync page.
2018/12/21: Old EIBI URL is back
From now on the original EIBI URL is valid again (in lower case):
2018/12/20: Solution for the EIBI server issue
As a workaround to the current server issue EIBI has renamed eibi.txt to eibi.TXT. Call the Downloader with Ctrl Alt D, change the URL at EIBI default (txt) to
(TXT in upper case) and click "Save details".
2018/12/17: Misconfiguration of EIBI server
Since today the server at EIBI refuses access to all .txt files (like eibi.txt) with a "403 Forbidden". Files with the suffix .TXT (in upper case, like README.TXT) are not involved. This is certainly an unintended error in the server settings which will be corrected soon. It is not a bug in CSVUserlistBrowser.
2018/11/04: CSVUB 4.16 final
EIBI has started to deliver his new files and the AOKI B18 URL seems to be stable. Thus, as announced, I today terminate the 4.16 beta branch and release version 4.16 of CSVUserlistBrowser as a final version.
2018/10/28: B18 season started
The B18 broadcast season has started today. The URL for the AOKI files is as follows (provided it does not change):
The EIBI files will certainly be updated soon. Those using the EIBI Sked (CSV) schedules in a few days should change the URL to:
As soon as all the schedules are stable in a few days I am planning to release the current beta 4.16 as the next final version.
2018/10/14: HFCC B18 schedule open
HFCC just just published the schedules for upcoming B18 season.
Please note that the list is preliminary, the season starts on October, 28th.
2018/10/07: Classaxe server issues appearently solved
The problem with server error messages inserted in Classaxe downloads seem to be solved. Now the download should be possible again with older versions prior to 4.16 beta 29.
2018/10/05: Classaxe server throws error messages
Currently the server at www.classaxe.com inserts a lot of server warnings and error messages in all download files and web pages. They confuse the conversion in CSVUserlistBrowser. I have made a workaround in Beta 4.16-29. Thus, if you need the RNA/REU/RWW lists, you should download CSVUserlistBrowser 4.16 beta 29 (or higher).
2018/09/04: Classaxe server working again
The database problem at www.classaxe.com has been repaired.
2018/09/03: Classaxe server currently broken
www.classaxe.com currently has a problem with the mySQL database. The fault is not with CSVUserlistBrowser!
2018/07/15: AMLIST/FMLIST, https://
The change-over to https:// at FMSCAN has been completed today. Those who still use CSVUserlistBrowser version 4.14 or earlier now should go for 4.15 or 4.16beta.
2018/05/31: AMLIST/FMLIST, https:// and CSVUserlistBrowser 4.15
The FMSCAN download is currently still working with CSVUserlistBrowser 4.14 (unexpectedly). But please note that the secure https transfer and the opt in choice to send a location cookie to the FMSCAN website are only provided in CSVUserlistBrowser 4.15. I am going to remove the old version 4.14 completely the next days assuming that it will no longer work with FMSCAN in the near future. Version 4.15 is running here without issues for 14 days now on Windows 10. Only in one single case a minor problem was reported for Windows 7/32 which could not be reproduced and somehow disappeared by itself.
2018/05/21: AMLIST/FMLIST downloads from 2018/05/25 only transferred encrypted
As the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) finally comes into effect on 2018/05/25 the www.fmscan.org website now completely switches to secure (enyrypted) https transaction. In order to make downloading possible with CSVUserlistBrowser I have re-written the complete AMLIST/FMLIST download process and the logging procedure for the MWLIST/FMLIST online logbook (for registered members) in the past weeks. The functions are available in CSVUserlistBrowser 4.15. Older versions will no longer be able to receive data from the FMSCAN websites and to post logs.
As a so called session cookie is also sent back to the FMSCAN web server the Downloader now contains an additional checkmark where the user must explicitely agree that the cookie is transferred together with the geographical location data. This cookie is still not permanently stored on the harddisk and is "forgotten" when CSVUserlistBrowser is closed. It is only used when downloading an AMLIST/FMLIST file in the Downloader.
Call the Downloader with Crtl+ALt+D once in case you have automatics like ASD running. Then you can check the option calmly (if desired).
No private data are transferred when reqesting a list from AOKI, EIBI, HFCC and Classaxe.
I was not able to test the new secure transaction 1000 % over a longer period against all kinds of errors which might occur while a transfer is in progress. Thus CSVUserlistBrowser 4.15 will be released as a beta version for some time.
Last updated: Friday, May 17, 2019
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