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Hamlib and Omnirig
Hamlib and Omnirig are addons which allow a software to control external rigs through a serial interface. Many ham radio applications make use of them to control receivers and transceivers.
While Omnirig runs as a background service, the Hamlib libraries can be dynamically loaded into a software.
CSVUserlistBrowser uses the dynamically loaded libraries (dlls) of Hamlib. You only need the files
libhamlib-2.dll (or libhamlib-4.dll) (Version 3 carries figure 2 in the filename!)
in the _hamlib/bin/ directory of CSVUserlistBrowser.
The most recent Hamlib files can be downloaded here: Hamlib nightly builds
You need the 32 bit versions of the dlls (Hamlib Git master branch W32 build). CSVUserlistBrowser currently supports Hamlib versions 3 and 4. If a new version of the Hamlib files should be published, please make a copy of the latest working files before overwriting them with the new ones. It could be possible that the new files are incompatible or have bugs.
Older stable versions can be downloaded here: Hamlib Radio Control Libraries. Please go for the 32 bit zip packages.
The Omnirig installer and the latest ini files are available on this web site:
The current version of Omnirig can only tune frequencies up to max. 2 GHz. But this should not be a problem for frequency lists which specialise in broadcast reception.
Last updated: Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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