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YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download - Update YADD_MMSI_SHIP.TXT automatically
Current version: 1.8, 2019/10/28
What ist YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download?
YaDD.exe is a well-known software for decoding DSC telegrams in nautical communication. With YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download.exe you always get the latest ships database from the GM4SLV web site, even if you are not registered at aprs.fi.
YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download.exe is a simple console application. It updates the file YADD_MMSI_SHIP.TXT when necessary and always provides the latest ships database for YaDD.exe.
YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download.exe automatically starts YaDD.exe three seconds after a successful download from the path specified in "yaddpath.txt", for standard installations:
C:\Program Files (x86)\YaDD\YaDD.exe
This path is also important for detecting the target directory where YADD_MMSI_SHIP.TXT must be saved (either a VirtualStore directory
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\YaDD\
or the application directory itself - a typical Windows security behaviour).
Verify the correct download
After the download click on the tab "Coast stations" in YaDD.exe. Next to "Ship names on file" the same number of ships should be reported as the downloader has found.
Copyright notes, disclaimer
YaDD.exe is a software made by Dirk Claessens. The file YADD_MMSI_SHIP.TXT is provided by OM John, GM4SLV. Completeness and accuracy of the data contained are not within my responsibility.
YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download.exe was carefully tested on my PC within my capabilities. The exe does not contain trojans, virusses or nagware. But I do not take any liability that the software is completely bugfree and that it will meet the expectations of the user.
Last updated: Monday, October 28, 2019
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