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First steps SDRs
The concept of CSVUserlistBrowser is to detect from the executables's name which receiver is to be controlled. When starting CSVUserlistBrowser.exe for the first time after a download, you are prompted to choose the receiver(s) which you want to control. This step is only required once after a fresh download of a new version. Please also read the corrresponding notes on the pages for the individual receiver versions here.
First steps after installation and opening lists
Please read the instructions on the page First steps.
Note on security
As with many other applications from hobbyists Windows sends an "unknown publisher" warning when starting CSVUserlistBrowser.exe. I cannot afford a Microsoft certification of my programmes, and Windows will recommend not to install them. One must explicitely bypass this security warning.
I only can ensure you once more that my programmes do not contain malware (adware, viruses, trojans). Unfortunately some single superficially scanning virus checkers at virustotal.com sometimes find malware in my applications. These alerts are nonsense, but I cannot do anything against them. I sometimes share this fate even with softwares of well-known manufacturers.
In a recently performed check at virustotal.com one out of 68 virus scanners found an alleged malware in CSVUserlistBrowser, 67 correctly reported "clean". But this frequently varies. The next day some virus scanners find a threat where none was detected the day before (and vice versa!) although the exe has not changed in a single bit.
Last updated: Tuesday, July 02, 2019
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