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  1. Download CSVUserlistBrowser and copy the complete contents of the "CSVUserlistBrowser" folder from the zip file to your harddisk. As CSVUserlistBrowser has to write some data to the disk (e. g. the downloaded databases) a folder with unrestricted access privileges is recommended. The normal place "C:\Program Files..." is not a good choice. I recommend folders like "C:\Winradiotools" or "C:\CSVUserlistBrowser" straight away. Drive C: is not mandatory, it can be any drive.
  2. Copy the plugin "DF8RY-XRS-databridge.xrs" to the default directory for WiNRADiO plugins, normally "C:\Program Files (x86)\WiNRADiO\Plugins". When doing this, Windows will eventually ask for administrative priviliges.
Run CSVUserlistBrowser.exe. You are prompted to name the receiver(s) which you want to control. CSVUserlistBrowser.exe creates copies of the executable for the target receivers. (This step is only required once.)
Starting the programme
First steps and opening lists
Please read the instructions on the page First steps.
Testing the interface
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