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PowerSDR mRX PS version of CSVUserlistBrowser
The version for PowerSDR mRX PS version uses the CAT interface of PowerSDR software. For data exchange a virtual COM port pair of a so called COM port emulator is required. See Preface.
Brief instructions
  1. Download CSVUserlistBrowser and extract the files to a directory on your harddisk with full file write privileges.
  2. When CSVUserlistBrowser.exe is started you are prompted to name the receiver(s) which you want to control. Select "POWERSDR". (This step is only required once.)
  3. PowerSDR mRX PS is most likely already installed on your PC.
  4. If not yet done install a virtual COM port emulator. Please read the hints on the page Preface.
  5. Start POWERSDR-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe.
  6. In case you have not downloaded station lists with CSVUserlistBrowser before please follow the instructions on the page First steps.
  7. In PowerSDR software under "Setup", "CAT control" specify one of the two COM ports of a virtual pair you have set up, e. g. COM5. Select "ID as PowerSDR".You can enter a DIG offset and the name of your rig here, too, if you like (see image).
  8. In POWERSDR-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe under "Options, Settings COM port" specify its "partner", e. g. COM6. The baud rate normally is ignored but it's a good idea to select the same as in the PowerSDR setup. Click "Apply".
Now doubleclicking an entry in a list in POWERSDR-CSVUserlistBrowser should tune the corresponding frequency on PowerSDR.
Last updated: Thursday, March 14, 2019
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