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YaDD MMSI LRC-Lyricist
Disclaimer, conditions of use
The files offered on this page are only intended for private, non commercial use. They may be distributed unchanged royalty-free without notice. I explicitely interdict bundling my software in installers with adware. The software was designed carefully and tested by myself within my capabilities. It contains no viruses, no trojans and no other malware. But I cannot ensure that it is completely bugfree.
Bug reports (with detailed description which makes it possible for me to track the error) and suggestions are welcome. Whenever I consider a feature useful and the amount of programming realistic I will gladly incorporate new ideas.
Please download the files directly from my web site only! Re-directs through translate.google or similar will probably not work! If my software should appear on so called "download centers" I explicitely advise against downloading it from there (danger of adware and trojans).
YADD_MMSI_SHIP-Download - Update YADD_MMSI_SHIP.TXT automatically
MMSI_SHIP_DL.zip V2.2 [2024/06/02] 157801 bytes (923 downloads)
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