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CSVUserlistBrowser was originally developed for the WiNRADiO receiver series with XRS interface (G31DDC, G33DDC, G35DDC, G39DDC). Upon user requests and out of self-interest support for other receivers has been added step by step.
See page Versions
Some receivers and SDR applications are only supported in beta versions of CSVUserlistBrowser. See Readme for beta versions on the download page (when applicable).
• WiNRADiO (via XRS)
Many thanks to WiNRADiO for the XRS Client Developer License! Extensible Radio Specification
Software SW2 for the ELAD receivers can be controlled from CSVUserlistBrowser over a virtual COM port as well as via the TCP server in the ELAD software. ELAD
HDSDR is a free SDR application by Mario and LC. HDSDR
• Perseus
The Perseus SDR was developed by microtelecom s.r.l.and is one of the pioneers in the SDR age. Perseus
• PowerSDR mRX PS
PowerSDR mRX PS is a free SDR application by openHPSDR. openHPSDR  PowerSDR mRX PS
• QtRadio
QtRadio is a free SDR application by John Melton and is also used in the R2T2 project of German Amateur Radio Club DARC. The project website is in German, please use an online translator where required. QtRadio  R2T2 project
• SDR#
SDR# is an SDR application by Youssef Touil and friends. The application designed for the airspy receiver also supports some other SDRs like Funcube, RTL-SDRs, HackRF, SoftRock and some RFSpace receivers. SDR#
• SDRConsole V2/V3
SDRConsole is a free SDR application by Simon Brown. SDRConsole
• SdrDx
SdrDx is a free SDR application by Ben, AA7AS. SdrDx
• SDRuno, SDRuno.EXTIO
SDRuno arose from the well known SDR software Studio 1 and is intended for use with the SDRPlay receiver. A built in ExtIO interface is provided in the free SDRuno.EXTIO version which supports other receivers. You do not have to own an SDRPlay hardware to use SDRuno.EXTIO. SDRPlay, SDRuno
• Twente WebSDR
All versions of CSVUserlistBrowser support tuning and tracking of WebSDRs in the style of the Twente university WebSDR in the Netherlands. To achieve this a Trident browser emulation from Microsoft is used. Drawback: This emulation does not support HTML5 audio streaming. This means that the unsigned Java applet of the web site must be used and the web site must be added to the security exception list in the system control panel. Twente WebSDR
• CATSync (Twente and Kiwi WebSDRs)
The latest version of CSVUserlistBrowser supports WebSDR browser CATSync by OM Oscar, DJØMY. This application, available for a moderate fee, can do HTML5 audio streaming and makes the Java Applet obsolete for the Twente WebSDRs.
CATSync can be obtained here for a moderate fee: CATSync by DJØMY
More about controlling CATSync with CSVUserlistBrowser can be found here: CATSync
Last updated: Thursday, March 14, 2019
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