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Perseus script COM trouble AOKI with ODBC
Repair ODBC
Repairing the ODBC driver
Unfortunately Microsoft from time to time replaces the ODBC driover by a 64bit version during a Windows Update. When trying to start CSVUserlistbrowser a meassge appears "Your system is currently not configred to run this application.
How to solve?
You only have to re-install the ODBC driver from his link
once more (Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable).
Some users have reported that their Windows refused the installtion as long as another ODBC driver is installed. Then you must uninstall the existing Microsoft Access Engine Database using "Add/Remove programmes" in the system control panel first and then install the driver from the link above once more.
According to affected users this did help. I myself cannot contribute my own experience as my ODBC driver is running perfect for years (I do not have an MS Office installed).
Last updated: Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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