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On this page you can find some links to web sites of users who describe their usage of CSVUserlistBrowser or give hints and informations. Please understand that only a selection of web pages is listed. It lies the nature of the world wide web that some of the links may not be permanently available.
• Posting on RadioReference forum
In a posting (in English) on RadioReference.com user mbott describes his impressions of CSVUserlistBrowser.
• Posting on eHam.net
4X1DA in a posting about WiNRADiO G31DDC also mentions CSVUserlistBrowser.
• Blog article on AIR-RADIORAMA
A blog article in Italian language from the Associazione Italiana Radioascolto
• AIR-RADIORAMA article about SDR# and CSVUserlistBrowser
This article in Italian language explains the connection between CSVUserlistBrowser and SDR#.
• CSVUserlistBrowser in a Japanese blog
This posting in Japanese language mentions control of a WiNRADiO G33DDC with CSVUserlistBrowser.
• "Cookbooks" for SDRuno
There are some "cookbooks" available for SDRuno, translated into various languages, in which also the integration of SDRuno (SDRPlay) and CSVUserlistBrowser is described.
• Online logging with CSVUserlistBrowser
CSVUserlistBrowser supports online logging for registered users at MWLIST and FMLIST (registering is free). The following links show the logs on world maps. Sometimes you will find logs sent in via CSVUserlistBrowser. More frequently for AM, occasionally for FM.
Annotation: For technical reasons logging is only possible for MWLIST or FMLIST schedules, not for AOKI, EIBI and the others! Please send me a note if you want to set free the the online logging option in CSVUserlistBrowser.
• Homepages of users
Finally here some links to homepages of people using CSVUserlistBrowser (various languages):
When a link should no longer work or if you know a link which should be added here please send me a message .
Additional hint: When searching for "CSVUserlistBrowser" with search engines on the web one sometimes gets links which claim to contain keywords having to do with CSVUserlistBrowser or the radio hobby. But when you click on such a link you are immediately redirected to pages with very dubious content. One should be careful following a link where the link title does not match the subject "CSVUserlistBrowser" at all. It seems that these pages just want to plant malware or other crap. Useless to say that I have no business which such pages at all.
Last updated: Thursday, March 14, 2019
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