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User videos
On this page you find some seelcted links to videos of users demonstrating the application of CSVUserlistBrowser (most in English). Please understand that only a selection of videos is listed. It lies the nature of the world wide web that some of the videos may not be permanently available.
• CSVUserlistBrowser with Icom R-8600 and its remote control software
Fernando Duarte, a dedicated DXer from Switzerland, explains in his video how ICOM-CSVUserlistBrowser can be used with an R-8600 and the remote control software of the receiver simultaneously.
• Usage with WiNRADiO G33DDC
User ushio demonstrates the cooperation between CSVUserlistBrowser and a WiNRADiO G33DDC.
• CSVUserlistBrowser + SDRConsole V2
OM Dezider, OM5NA, from Slovakia demonstrates the cooperation between CSVUserlistBrowser and SDRConsole V2. The integration with the latest SDRConsole V3 works just the same way.
• SDRuno and CSVUserlistBrowser
In Neil's video CSVUserlistBrowser controls an SDRPlay receiver with software SDRuno.
• Video instruction SDRuno and CSVUserlistBrowser
Mike has created a video with instructions for CSVUserlistBrowser and SDRuno.
• HDSDR and CSVUserlistBrowser receiving DRM
Ralf Bender shows the reception of DRM stations with HDSDR and an Afedri SDR together with CSVUserlistBrowser.
• CATSync and CSVUserlistBrowser
Antonin's video shows the cooperation of CSVUserlistBrowser, SDRConsole and CATSync via synchronisation of an external receiver. Annotation: Since version 4.17 Beta 7 CSVUserlistBrowser controls CATSync directly.
• Studio 1 software and CSVUserlistBrowser
Roberto Zinelli's video shows that control of the Studio 1 software is possible. Studio 1 is still used by many radio listeners. In the meantime it was acquired by the SDRPlay company and is now developed further as SDRuno for their receiver models.
When a link should no longer work or if you know a video link which should be added here please send me a message .
Last updated: Sunday, March 17, 2019
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