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Welcome on my homepage
The main reason for establishing this website was to provide a download place for users of the "CSVUserlistBrowser" software independant of file sections on discussion boards and newsgroups.
CSVUserlistBrowser is a free Windows application originally designed for users of SDR receivers of the WiNRADiO company, especially the DDC series Excalibur und Excelsior. In the meantime versions for several other SDR applications have been developed.
More details about CSVUserlistBrowser can be found on the page "Features".
An overview of supported SDRs and rigs can be found on the page "Versions".
Since the software has been published by various sources in the meantime users may be annoyed by bugs and inconsistencies in old versions. You can download new versions here on the download page.
Limitation of liability
All links marked External Link on my website point to external content. As the content of these websites is not under my control, I cannot assume any liability for them. At the time I placed the links no infringements of the law were recognizable for me. As soon as an offence against the law becomes known, I will immediately remove the link in question.
I do not pursue any economic interests with my website www.df8ry.de.
Important note: In the past I received some (single) emails from users who wanted to make a donation to me. Although their intention is commendable: I do not accept donations for the maintenance of this website and the work on CSVUserlistBrowser! Thank you.
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