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SDRSharp version of CSVUserlistBrowser
The SDRSharp version uses a databridge plugin to communicate with SDR#.
Brief instructions
  1. Download the WiNRADiO version of CSVUserlistBrowser and copy the files to a directory with permission to write to the file system.
  2. Rename the executable to "SDRSharp-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe".
  3. SDRSharp is most likely already installed on your PC.
  4. Copy the file SDRSharp.DF8RYDatabridge.dll to your SDRSharp application directory. Take care to copy the correct plugin for SDR# 32 bit, SDR# 64 bit (latest versions) or SDR# 1361 (resp. older versions of SDR#, function not guaranteed for all old versions!). There are three plugin versions in the plugins folder of the zip file! Do not confuse them! Important: Not the operating system is decisive for the plugin, the SDR# version is! That means, on a 64 bit system you need the 32 bit plugin when SDR# 32 bit is used! The 64 bit plugin is only for SDR# 64 bit!
  5. Open the file "Plugins.xml" in your SDRSharp directory with a text processor and add the following line in the <sharpPlugins> section:
    <add key="DF8RYDatabridge" value="SDRSharp.DF8RYDatabridge.DF8RYDatabridgePlugin,SDRSharp.DF8RYDatabridge" />
  6. In case you have not downloaded station lists with CSVUserlistBrowser before please follow the instructions on the page First steps.
  7. In the SDRSharp software open the plugin DF8RYDatabridge and verify that "Enable RX" is checked.
You can start two instances of SDR# and control them with CSVUserlistBrowser (see menu "Control SDRSHARP RX").
Important note: "Forked" or older versions of SDR# possibly do not fully support the plugin interface. There is no warranty that the plugin will work in such versions! Only the newer versions of the original from Youssef Touil (airspy.com) have been tested! Also note that the latest versions of SDR# will no longer fully support all receiver frontends in the plugin interface except for Airspy (and some selected others)! This is not in the sphere of influence of CSVUserlistBrowser!
Now doubleclicking an entry in a list in SDRSharp-CSVUserlistBrowser should tune the corresponding frequency in SDRSharp.
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