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QtRadio version of CSVUserlistBrowser
The QtRadio version uses a fixed internal TCP server of QtRadio.
Brief instructions
  1. Download the WiNRADiO version of CSVUserlistBrowser and copy the files to a directory with permission to write to the file system.
  2. Rename the executable to "QTRADIO-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe". No plugins are required.
  3. QtRadio from QtRadio or R2T2 project (web page in German, use an online translator if required) is most likely already installed on your PC.
  4. In case you have not downloaded station lists with CSVUserlistBrowser before please follow the instructions on the page First steps.
  5. A virtual COM port or a special setup are not required.
Note: While dragging or sizing the QtRadio window with the mouse QtRadio stops sending data over the TCP connection. When QTRADIO-CSVUserlistBrowser should be in "Track" position at this moment it will unfortunately loose contact with QtRadio after some time and you must select "Track" again. Setting modes DSB, DIGL and DIGU via the NET interface is unfortunately not implemented in the QtRadio code.
Doubleclicking an entry in a list in QTRADIO-CSVUserlistBrowser should now tune the corresponding frequency in QTRadio.
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