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2017/24/24: Unbelievable: 60 anti-virus softwares find no malware!
Currently 60 anti-virus softwares report no malware threat in CSVUserlistBrowser.exe (current beta) and G31DDC-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe (latest final version) on virustotal.com. Even McAfee-GW-Edition, which recently assumed evil malware in CSVUserlistBrowser, all of a sudden rates the (same) software benign. You can form an opinion yourselves on the reliability of such anti-virus softwares. But I am afraid this will not last long. Sooner or later CSVUserlistBrowser is put on the red list again by some superficial, sloppy anti-virus programme.
2017/05/31: End of beta 4.11 branch
No more bug reports have come in for a long time now. I am going to release the beta 4.11 as a final version today. It contains all the addons and fixes from the beta 4.11 branch.
Important note: For a couple of days already McAfee-GW-Edition as the only one out of 55 anti-virus programmes reports that CSVUserlistBrowser.exe contains a Trojan horse named "Win32.Ramnit.vh". This malware allegedly steals passwords and homebanking data, blocks anti-virus software and takes over control of the system. Until now I did not know what a "Win32.Ramnit.vh" is and I had to research what it's all about. I explicitely declare that CSVUserlistBrowser.exe does not contain malware code, but I am helpless against the false McAfee-GW-Edition scan report. 54 anti-virus programmes (virustotal.com) rate CSVUserlistBrowser.exe benign. But if someone is concerned it is certainly better not to use my software.
2017/03/30, 11:28 UTC: AOKI A17 default txt file now available
The AOKI standard txt file nxa17.txt is now also included in the zip file. The import is now possible without ODBC driver for xlsx installed (also via the Downloader).
All current URLs for the Downloader are summarised on the page First steps.
2017/03/29, 2040 UTC: EIBI A17 at start
The URL to the new EIBI CSV file is:
In the Downloader switch EIBI list type to Sked (CSV) and enter the new URL. Click Save details. If your standard list is the EIBI txt file go back to Default (txt) and click Save details once again.
2017/03/28: AOKI A17 URL available
Some minutes ago (0911 UTC) AOKI has opened the URL for the A17 schedules.
Don't forget to click "Save details" after entering the URL in the Downloader.
Important note: Currently only the xlsx file is included in the AOKI package! The standard text file nxa17.txt is not yet available! CSVUserlistBrowser moans "Wrong content size". This means that the download only works with an ODBC driver installed and when "Use .xlsx instead of .txt in AOKI .zip file (ODBC driver needed)" is checked in Options/Settings.
Users who do not have an ODBC driver installed and what to use the AOKI database in the meantime can extract the file userlist1.txt manually from nxa17.zip to the folder filesPERSEUS and import the file as a Perseus userlist (with all known restrictions).
2017/03/27: MWLIST/FMSCAN schedules repaired (1800 UTC)
The MWLIST/FMSCAN schedules have been repaired a few minutes ago. Now the download should work again with older versions of CSVUserlistBrowser.
2017/03/27: Again problems with MWLIST/FMSCAN schedules
Unfortunately the MWLIST/FMSCAN lists are broken again since yesterday evening. I am alreday negotiating with the authors to bring back the valid format. Please be patient until a solution is available.
PS: I have just uploaded a beta version of CSVUserlistBrowser with a quick workaround for this current problem.
2017/03/13: HFCC A17 available
The HFCC A17 data are available. Please note that they are not yet official (season starts on March 26th).
2017/02/08: FMSCAN AM lists complete again
The AM lists from FMSCAN have been repaired. There is still a little issue with the UTC time format which has been changed by FMSCAN. I will make an adaptation in the beta version of CSVUserlistBrowser in the course of the day.
2017/02/07: FMSCAN AM lists broken again
Since appr. 1730 UTC the AM lists from FMSCAN only contain frequencies between 1600 and 1700 kHz! This is not a bug in CSVUserlistBrowser! Should the list format be changed again an adaptation of CSVUserlistBrowser could be necessary which will require some time.
2017/01/23: Numbers&Oddities file replaced
The broken file Numbers-2016.xlsx today was replaced by a new version Numbers 2016.xlsx (no dash). It loads OK (ODBC driver required).
2017/01/23: FMSCAN AM list repaired
The FMSCAN AM lists are OK again (1010 UTC).
2017/01/20: FMSCAN AM lists broken
Since today FMSCAN delivers an AM list with a broken line structure. CSVUserlistBrowser reports "Invalid or empty list". I am already in negotiations with FMSCAN to get the valid line structure back. I hope that there will be no changes at FMSCAN once again which require a complete new design of the CSVUserlistBrowser Downloader and file handling.
PS: The current Beta of CSVUserlistBrowser contains a quick workaround. See Readme_beta.txt.
2017/01/15: Note on Numbers&Oddities
The currently at Numbers&Oddities available file "Numbers logs database 2016" (Numbers-2016.xlsx) in Excel format is corrupt. It cannot be opened by MS Excel as well. The fault is not within CSVUserlistBrowser. The file "Numbers logs database 1978-2016" can be imported by CSVUserlistBrowser (Microsoft ODBC driver required), but due the file size (appr. 122000 entries) several seconds (even minutes) of CPU time must be taken into account (measured 30 s with a 3.6 GHz quad core CPU!).
I would like to remind you that 15 minutes are subtracted resp. added to the times given (upon user request) in order to gain a wider timeslot for possible obervations. The file contains several time errors which are caught by CSVUserlistBrowser and transformed to "0000-2400, 1234567".
2017/01/13: Final version of CSVUserlistBrowser 4.09
It is time to release the final version 4.09 of CSVUserlistBrowser. It contains all the changes and bug fixes of the 4.09 beta branch.
2016/11/02: EIBI B16 data available
EIBI's new season schedules are at start. As EIBI seeems to take over the HFCC language code convention at least partly now (example: AmhTir) I have slightly adapted the current 4.08 version without starting a new beta branch.
2016/11/01: New zip file from SWBC (Dan Ferguson)
As already announced earlier Dan Ferguson now packs all his file formats in one single zip container. CSVUserlistBrowser recognizes the CSV file which is required for import. No changes are necessary. Simply select the file with a pattern like B16-YYMMDD-HHII.zip at import or extract the CSV file manually from the zip container before.
2016/11/01: Version 4.08 of CSVUserlistBrowser
The AOKI B16 file structure seems to be stable now and I release the previous Beta 4.08 as final version now. The predecessors cannot handle AOKI B16 files as the changes could not be foreseen. The final version contains all the changes of the beta branch (see Readme4.08.txt in the zip package).
2016/10/30: New AOKI B16 files
Today 0801 UTC AOKI das published his new B16 files earlier than expected.
The URL is http://www1.s2.starcat.ne.jp/ndxc/pc/nd/nxb16.zip. Don't forget Save details in the Downloader.
Unfortunately he has again renamed the files which makes an adaptation of CSVUserlistBrowser necessary. This is included in the latest beta 4.08. After some days of testing I am going to release this beta as a final. The latest final 4.07 cannot handle the new AOKI B16 files.
After receiving the new B16 files please delete the old A16 files in folder filesAOKI manually if no longer needed.
2016/10/30: Broadcast season B16 at start
On 2016/10/30 the schedules for the broadcast season B16 come into effect. HFCC has already published the new data 14 days ago: http://hfcc.org/data/b16/b16allx2.zip Experience has shown that EIBI will soon start updating his lists. In this case only the URL for EIBI list type Sked (CSV) (if interested in this type of list) has to be changed to http://www.eibispace.de/dx/sked-b16.csv. As always the AOKI transition will probably be more complex. I will inform you as soon as I have knowledge.
2016/10/18: HFCC B16 data available
Traditionally a fortnight before season change HFCC made the data for the upcoming season available. The URL is: http://hfcc.org/data/b16/b16allx2.zip Season B16 officially starts on Oct, 30th. After entering the new URL in the Downloader (click Save details to store the changes) it is recommended to delete the old A16 files in folder filesHFCC manually.
2016/10/01: Layout of original Twente WebSDR changed
Unfortunately over night the page layout of Twente WebSDR has changed without notice. This means that presently CSVUserlistBrowser cannot open the WebSDR. A solution is already in work. Will take some time to test, especially because the zoom steps have also been changed. WebSDRs with the old layout are not affected.
Update 1210 UTC: An adaptation for the new Twente page layout is included in the current beta of CSVUserlistBrowser subject to further sudden unpredictable changes in Twente.
2016/09/18: Version 1.03 of SDRuno
The SDRPlay group has released SDRuno version 1.03. It looks as if the CAT commands have not been changed or anhanced since version 1.02. There is a separate version of SDRuno now for use with ExtIO.dlls. They call it SDRuno.EXTIO.exe. You can rename the actual Beta 4.08 of CSVUserlistBrowser to SDRUNOEXTIO-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe now to control this EXTIO version.
2016/09/02: Version 4.07 of CSVUserlistBrowser
I have decided to release version 4.07 as a final version. The main reasons are:
See also "AOKI solution" here on the page and the file "Readme_4.07.txt" in the download package.
2016/08/16: AOKI solution
I have adapted the new AOKI file structure and URL in the current Beta of CSVUserlistBrowser.
Please change the URL in the AOKI field of the Downloader (Beta version!) to
and click Save details.
Users who have installed the Microsoft ODBC driver can select in Options/Settings/General if they want to extract the txt or the xlsx file. The xlsx file in the past showed less problems with special characters used in certain localisations (like German umlaut characters) and avoided truncation of some names.
2016/08/16: AOKI changes
Today AOKI (once again) has changed the URLs and compilation of his list packages. Please be patient until I have found a solution for the Downloader.
2016/07/20: Fix for Twente WebSDR bandwidth
I have uploaded a new beta version which should handle the Twente bandwidth issue which was introduced yesterday.
2016/07/19: Note on Twente WebSDR
Today PA3FWM has changed the formula for the bandwidth calculation at the Twente original WebSDR. This means that the bandwidths set by CSVUserlistBrowser are incorrect now. I am trying to find a solution. The major problem is that other WebSDRs still use the old formula and I must find out how to detect which one is using which formula. Thus the solution of the Twente bandwidth issue will take some time.
2016/06/28: Versions 4.06 and 4.07 Beta
As the AMLIST/FMLIST download no longer works in version 4.05 due to the changes at FMSCAN I now release version 4.06. It uses a spare server with the old data structure.
As the old version will expire sooner or later I have re-programmed the communication with the new FMSCAN server in 4.07 Beta. Please note the changes as already announced:
In the AM lists the beacon details are missing (normally appeared in the Notes column).
The FM lists are compiled with a new algorithm on the server.
As the files are no longer delivered "gzipped" the download can take a little longer again.
2016/06/23: Behind the scenes report about the AMLIST/FMLIST issue
The last three days I have worked in co-operation with Peer-Axel of fmscan.org on the new data structure for the AMLIST/FMLIST download. Currently the data are mostly available again. Nevertheless there will be some changes in one of the next versions of CSVUserlistBrowser:
In AM lists the fields offset and beacon details will be missing. I have tried my best to obtain them again, but the beacon details seem to be completely missing and the offset is only retrievable in direct download with a web browser. Unfortunately I could not find an explanation for the latter although trying hard.
The FM lists will have less entries than the old ones. This is apparently due to a new range calculation at fmscan.org and affects the direct download with a web browser as well.
For the time beeing there is a spare server available which holds the old infrastructure. I will try to use this spare server in CSVUserlistBrowser as long as possible (as in the current Beta). But we have to take into account that some day the old structure will be no longer available and then the changes mentioned above will come true.
2016/06/23: Quick temporary solution for the AMLIST/FMLIST issue
In cooperation with Günter Lorenz I have integrated a temporary solution for the current AMLIST/FMLIST issue in the latest beta version. It uses a spare server where the old scripts ar still operative. This should work for a while until a final solution is available. I cannot give a roadmap when this will come true.
2016/06/23: AMLIST/FMLIST interrupted
At the moment a download of lists from AMLIST/FMLIST is unfortunately not possible (tested 2016/06/23 around 0700 UTC). The server either answers "no coordinates found" or lists a series of PHP script errors. I do not know the reason for this and I was not informed that something is going to be changed. So please be patient and wait how things will develop.
Should your existing userlists have been destroyed by the malfunction, there is a chance that you find a copy of the latest valid version in folder oldCSVUserlists (in case you have allowed creation of old and diff files).
2016/05/28: Version 4.05
As no problems with the Classaxe.com https download have been reported I now provide version 4.05. There are no "museum" versions of CSVUserlistBrowser currently online because the Classaxe download does not work anymore in older versions.
2016/05/05: Beta available for Classaxe https issue
A Beta 4.05 has been uploaded to handle Classaxe https transfers. Note that the code may not yet be 100 % bulletproof against all sorts of network errors. After calling the Downloader for the first time please replace "http://" in the Classaxe URL with "https://" and click Save details.
2016/05/05: Trouble with Classaxe
To my big surprise Martin Francis has changed all his web content to https over night without warning. CSVUserlistBrowser is not prepared to download https content. I am trying to overcome the problem, but a solution is not available so soon. Unfortunately the download of Classaxe lists with the Downloader will be impossible from now on. I am sorry.
2016/05/02: Trouble with latest Hamlib nightly builds
The latest Hamlib builds have an issue on certain PCs showing a message that an entry point libusb_error cannot be found. After this CSVUserlistBrowser does not load the Hamlib libraries. The cause is: Some application has installed an old version of libusb-1.0.dll to the system folders System32 and SysWOW64 earlier. Hamlib first loads the outdated system dll which does not have the new entry point. Remedy: Delete the old versions of libusb-1.0.dll in the system folders System32 and SysWOW64 or replace them by the newer version which Hamlib provides in the zip package. (Admin privileges required)
2016/04/30: End of beta 4.04 branch
Unfortunately AOKI no longer seems to provide his detailed text version kind of bia16.txt. The only way to obtain detailed AIKI lists is to install the ODBC driver (see message below). The beta branch 4.04 of CSVUserlistBrowser is closed for now.
2016/04/18: Short instructions for ODBC driver installation (for AOKI Excel file)
As AOKI still did not publish his usual bia16.txt here again is a short description of how to install the Microsoft ODBC drivers in order to automatically get the AOKI xls file with the CSVUB downloader (if the ODBC driver is not yet installed already).
Search the web for "Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable".
Make sure that you download a file "AccessDatabaseEngine.exe" only from the Microsoft webpage. This file is also needed for 64 bit systems as CSVUB is a 32 bit application. Install this Microsoft driver.
In the CSVUB downloader enter http://www1.s2.starcat.ne.jp/ndxc/pc/nd/nda16.xlsx for the AOKI URL and start an AOKI download (click Save details to remember the URL).
Now the AOKI Excel file should be converted to a userlistAOKI.txt after download immediately. The ODBC driver also works in Windows 10 although this OS is not explicitely mentioned by Microsoft.
2016/04/13: FCC summer schedules now available, but ...
The link to the summer schedules of FCC is now working. But: The FCC has changed the data format and now delivers a list in HFCC style. I doubt that it pays to provide the FCC import any more as the list is apparently only an excerpt of the HFCC list.
2016/04/07: Waiting for AOKI
The AOKI A16 lists still are only avaiable under the more or less "unofficial" link:
CSVUB users who have installed the Microsoft 32 bit ODBC drivers can enter this URL in the meantime in the Downloader AOKI field. But have in mind that the URL still can change!
The FCC website is listing the A16 schedules already for several days, but the links end up in "not found". A mail to the FCC webmaster asking to check the site was unfortunately only answered by a mail robot.
2016/02/19: Alternatives to CSVUserlistBrowser
If I should once make up my mind to stop the CSVUserlistBrowser project and remove this webspace I highly recommend to have a look at the following excellent replacements (if not yet known). They are more than a replacement, easier to use, have less bugs and in many cases offer more features. The list of course is without claiming to be exhaustive.
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