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The current URLs for the Downloader

Die URLs der derzeit gültigen Datenbanken für die B17-Saison lauten:
AOKI: http://www1.m2.mediacat.ne.jp/binews/ut/ncb17.zip ¹
AOKI (altern.): http://ndxc.16mb.com/bi/ncb17.txt ²
EIBI: http://www.eibispace.de/dx/eibi.txt ³
EIBI (altern.): http://www.eibispace.de/dx/freq-b17.txt ²
EIBI CSV database: http://eibispace.de/dx/sked-b17.csv
EIBI Readme: http://www.eibispace.de/dx/README.TXT ³
HFCC: http://hfcc.org/data/b17/b17allx2.zip
¹ = Microsoft 32 bit ODBC driver required when the xlsx file import is desired
² = Alternative URLs for the AOKI text and EIBI text file
³ = probably never changes
The base URL for Classaxe databases is a little voluminous and is stored on line 9 in the file "download.links". It should only be changed with care!
Remember to click "Save details" to store the changes you made in the Downloader dialogue.
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