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The SDRs of the DARC R2T2 project used QtRadio so far as a remote client. (Web page is in German, use an online translator if required). QtRadio support is going to be dropped in the future and shall be replaced by an own GUI application called R2T2-GUI. The R2T2-GUI version of CSVUserlistBrowser communicates with the R2T2-GUI through a static UDP interface.
Brief instructions
  1. Download the current beta of CSVUserlistBrowser and extract the files to a directory on your harddisk with full file write privileges.
  2. When CSVUserlistBrowser.exe is started you are prompted to name the receiver(s) which you want to control. Select "R2T2". (This step is only required once.)
  3. The R2T2-GUI of the DARC R2T2 project is probably already installed on your PC.
  4. Start r2t2.exe and connect to one of the online servers.
  5. Start R2T2-CSVUserlistBrowser.exe
  6. In case you have not downloaded station lists with CSVUserlistBrowser before please follow the instructions on the page First steps.
  7. A virtual COM port or a special setup are not required.
Note: The current version of R2T2-GUI unfortunately only supports setting and reading of the frequency. Mode, bandwidth and other settings are not possible. It is not in my sphere of influence if this is going to change in the future. The R2T2 project is originally intended for members of the German Amateur Radio Club DARC. If the currently available online SDR receivers will be publically accessable in the future without authentication is uncertain.
Doubleclicking an entry in a list in R2T2-CSVUserlistBrowser should now tune the corresponding frequency in R2T2-GUI.
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